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Aced: You can only score an ace if all players are still in the game. Kill all players in one turn, including yourself. (First Blood, Flawless Victory, & Fatality are not triggered)

Flawless Victory: Kill all other the players at the table, or win by an effect while all other players are still in the game. (Overrules fatalities)


First Blood: Kill the first player (does not grant Fatality points).

Ah'll be Bahck: Cast your Commander from the Command Zone 3 or more times in a game.

Top-Deck: Destroy or Exile the first Sensei's Divining Top of the game.

Ahead of the Game: Draw an extra card and have an extra land in play via spells and abilities you control without taking an extra turn.

Politics: Convince another player you are not about to kill someone in order to stop them from stopping you, then procceed to kill someone.

Geranamo: Kill a player with general damage (does not grant Fatality points).


Fatality: Kill a player.

Why Me?: Be the first player to die in a game.

I Go Where I Please and I Please Where I Go: Prevent a player from losing this turn. Each player may receive this award only once per opponent in each game.

What's This Game Called?: Be eliminated when you have 0 points.

Teamwork: Assist another player eliminating an opponent. A High-Five must be deployed for points to be awarded. Both offensive players receive a point.

Nope: Control a spell that is countered by another player.

Murder: Control the first creature killed or exiled outside of combat damage by an opponent.

Ringer: Cast Sol Ringon your 1st or 2nd turn.

Making Enemies: Deal damage to a player prior to their 3rd turn.

Curving Out: Play 3 spells on three consecutive turns with ascending converted mana cost (ie. 1-2-3 on Turns 1, 2 and 3; or 3-4-5 on Turns 3, 4 and 5, etc.)

Mana Screwed: Miss 2 land drops in your first 5 turns; or be missing a color on Turn 5. (Group Vote: An opponent may find 3 lands, shuffle your deck and put them on top)

Digging up Bones: Have your graveyard exiled by opponent (once per game).


Oh no, (s)he didn't!: Attack the same opponent on three consecutive turns without reason.

Vulture: Attack a player who has played no spells yet.

The big Scoop: Eliminate a player before your sixth turn.

I GIVE!: Concede the game before being eliminated. Does not qualify for pity points.

To Infinity and Beyond: Repeat an infinite loop more than 5 times in a single turn. Can be awarded more than once.

Delaying the Inevitable: Mass disruption or removal of existing permanents on the board as a result of any spell or ability for the 3rd or greater time in the game.


We're Waiting: Spending more than 2 minutes taking no actions during your turn (playing a land does not reset this timer).

Time Stretching: Taking more than 5 turns in a row. Can be awarded more than once.

Chasm: Cause unintentional Non-targeted, mass land destruction. (If this is awarded, delaying the inevitable will not apply


Time Limit: 20 Minutes per player in pod. After time, each player gets one additional turn. All remaining players if a draw get 1 point.

2 Rounds per week. First round random, 2nd round based on daily standings week 1 and 2, league standings week 3 and 4

Participation points are awarded for games played. 3 points for first round and 2 points for second round.

First round starts at 7.

Missing a week or joining late, you are awarded points equal to the lowest player minus the participation points.

In the event the game ends in a draw, all remaining players are awarded 1 point.

Promo cards will be given out weekly based on availability at random.

Randomized Achievement sheets with 10 Achievements will be handed out before each pod starts it's game.

These randomized Achievements are worth +1 point each, and available to the first player to claim each of them.

The other 2 will become public objectives for the whole pod to qualify for.

In the event that you may be late, please call ahead to let us know.

Price is $5 per week with all money pooled into store credit for the finals. 1st 40% 2nd 25% 3rd 15% 4th 10%

Complete pod consensus when the game is over


I Don't Think So -- Control a spell or ability that fizzles due to it's target becoming invalid.

Down In the Salt Mines -- Control a nonbasic land that is destroyed or disabled by an opponent.

Life Finds A Way -- Prevent a creature you control from leaving the battlefield when it would otherwise die or be exiled by an opponent.

Who You Gonna Call -- Put a permanent from an opponent's graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.

Multipass -- Attack each opponent with two or more creatures each in a single Attack Step.

One Trick Pony -- Use the same activated ability 3 or more times in the same turn.

I Am The Boomstick -- Cast an X spell where X is 15+ mana.

Trick or Treat -- Give other players access to additional resources (additional mana or card draw) while controlling an effect that hurts them as a result. The Lord Compels You -- Control a creature that gives at least 5 other creatures that share a type with it a bonus. (Goblin King, Imperious Perfect, etc.) Feel the Burn -- Be dealt 20+ damage or lose 20+ life in a single turn from any number of sources.

It's Your Boy (Or Girl, Or Thing) -- Cast your Commander from anywhere other than the Command Zone.

Killer Instinct -- Attack with a single Creature during your Combat Phase for 5 consecutive turns.

No Rest. No Mercy. No Matter What. -- Control a creature that has at least 7 Keyword Abilities.

Four Play -- Control the fourth spell on the stack while opponents have three other spells on the stack.

Game Over Man, Game Over! -- Eliminate a player after attacking them with at least 15 creatures.

A Chill Wind Blows -- Cast a Storm spell with a Storm count of at least 5 or more.

Down the Rabbit Hole -- Have a permanment card you own put onto the battlefield from an effect that you don't control.

Clapback -- Control a permanent that is destroyed or exiled in response to you targeting another permanent with a removal spell of your own.

Monopoly -- Control at least one permanent owned by each opponent at the table.

Gerrymandering -- Convince another player to vote the same as you when the table votes for Will of the Council or Council's Dilemma

Game of Thrones -- Become The Monarch after previously losing The Monarch.

Dream Team -- Control two creatures with excactly 21 power.

Copycat -- First player to copy a spell or a permanent of an opponent (once per player)

I Like Big Butts and I Can't Deny -- Control 5 creatures with combined toughness greater than their combined power.

Power Overwhelming -- Spend 30 or more mana in a single turn.

Overkill -- Deal 10+ damage to a player than is required to kill them.

Eye for an Eye -- Eliminate a player in response to an action that would eliminate you.

Foo Fighters -- Control 5+ non-token creatures that have flying.

Equal Opportunity Aggressor -- Deal exactly 5 damage to each opponent simultaneously.

My Cup Runneth Over -- Draw 10+ cards with a single spell or ability.

Gotta Go Fast -- Cast 3+ Ramp Spells in a single turn (includes mana rocks, rituals, land search)

For the Horde! -- Control 5+ non-token creatures that share a creature type.

One For All And All For One! -- Give opponents access to additional resources (mana, card draw)

The Lone Ranger -- Eliminate an opponent via combat damage with a creature that has a base power and toughness of 1/1

With Your Power Combined -- Control any combination of 4 permanent types and also control an Instant or Sorcery on the stack.

Litter Free Zone -- Have zero cards in your graveyard when you win the game.

The Betrayer -- Damge a player or cause a player to lose life with a permnanent you control that is owned by them.

No, You! -- Counter a counterspell.

Alternative Facts -- Win the game with an alternative win condition (effects that say "you win the game"). Triple Trouble -- Cast and resolve 3 different non-land permanents of 3 different types on the same turn. Lucky 13 -- Have a single creature deael 13 points of combat damage to a single player.

Under The Radar -- Control a Planeswalker for 4+ turns.

Zero Sum -- Have no cards in hand.

Where's My Invitation? -- Play a spell when there are already at least 3 other spells on the stack.

Mercy -- Leave an opponent at 1 life.

And I'll Form The Head! -- Attach 3 or more Auras or Equipments to a single creature.

Back To The Future -- Control two Legendary Creatures without breaking the Uniqueness Rule (ie. Black & Red Balthor)

Got The Life -- Gain 50+ Life in a single game.

It's Just A Flesh Wound -- Kill someone with lethal Commander damage in one combat step.

That's The Combination On My Luggage! -- Control five Creatures, each with numerically consecutive powers (ie. 1-2-3-4-5; 3-4-5-6-7, etc.).

Gatewatch-B-Gone -- Remove two Planeswalkers in a single game.