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and Gaming Store!

Come Join us at Conroe Comic Con
We will be there all weekend 

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Adventures in the forgotten Realms brings Magic 
and D&D together.  We will have a Release Draft
this Friday
at 7:30pm


Cards and Comics is happy to announce we are back to Gaming 
We are back to hosting 
FNM- Modern and Commander
Friday Night Digimon
Friday Night Flesh and Blood
Wednesday Night Commander
and Unsanctioned Pokemon 
Saturday Unsanctioned YGO
and Dragonball  

Updated Store Hours

Sunday - 11am - 6pm

Monday - 11am - 7pm

Tuesday - 11am - 7pm

Wednesday - 11am - 7pm

Thursday - 11am - 7pm

Friday - 11am - 10pm

Saturday - 11am - 10pm

Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash